Our Products

Bier Nuts are crunchy-coated peanuts, produced in a small craft beer style can, specifically made to pair perfectly with beers. The first flavour in our range is the Bier Nuts Classic Flavour that pairs perfectly with lagers or pilsners, but can be enjoyed with any type of beer! Head over to our products page to find out more, and to see the other products in our range that are coming soon.

We are plasticonscious!

As well as all of our flavours being vegan, we are the UK's first 100% recyclable bar snack, addressing the huge plastic problem in the snack industry.

Our Story

Bier Nuts was born on our multiple trips to Europe while we were at university together. While enjoying some of the best beers that Europe has to offer we developed the perfect snack to pair with beer to fit in with the UK market, inspired by other products that we tasted on our travels.

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