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The Bier Nuts x Verdant Special Edition Craft Beer Box Has Landed!

Verdant are well known as one of the most consistently high-level brewers in the UK producing some of the best IPAs and Double IPAs that can possibly grace your taste buds! We have managed to get our hands on a very limited amount!

Staff Highlights: Don't Tell Gus DIPA 8% - Tasting Notes: Citrusy, thick and smooth across the palate. Made with a hush hush combo of Centennial, Bravo, Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe and Cascade. The brew’s texture is made fuller with additions of Extra Pale Ale, Golden Promise, Wheat, Oats and Flaked Wheat.

Further DIPA 8% - Tasting Notes: An absolute juice bomb, brewed with Mosaic, Denali, Azacca. Expect a super soft mouthfeel, low bitterness and bags of tropical flavour. Fireworks of flavour in your mouth.

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7 Cans of Verdant Craft Beer, 3 Cans of Bier Nuts

Verdant Craft Beer

  • 1x Don't Tell Gus - DIPA 8% (440ml)
  • 1x Unfurling of the Hooks - DIPA 8%(440ml)
  • 1x Further - DIPA 8% (440ml)
  • 1x Neal gets things Done - IPA 6.5% (440ml)
  • 1x Meshes of the Afternoon - Pale Ale 4.7% (440ml)
  • 1x Quiet Charge - Pale Ale 4.5% (440ml)
  • 1x Combined Whimsy - Pale Ale 4.7% (330ml)

Bier Nuts

  • 1x Classic
  • 1x Jalapeno
  • 1x Masala Curry

    14 Cans of Verdant Craft Beer, 6 Cans of Bier Nuts

    Verdant Craft Beer

    • 2x Don't Tell Gus - DIPA 8% (440ml)
    • 2x Unfurling of the Hooks - DIPA 8%(440ml)
    • 2x Further - DIPA 8% (440ml)
    • 2x Neal gets things Done - IPA 6.5% (440ml)
    • 2x Meshes of the Afternoon - Pale Ale 4.7% (440ml)
    • 2x Quiet Charge - Pale Ale 4.5% (440ml)
    • 2x Combined Whimsy - Pale Ale 4.7% (330ml)

      Bier Nuts

      • 2x Classic
      • 2x Jalapeno
      • 2x Masala Curry