Bier Nuts x Salt Beer Factory: Craft Beer Box

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The Bier Nuts x Salt Beer Factory: Craft Beer Box Has landed!

We have a cracker for you from Salt Beer Factory up in Yorkshire... Featuring 9 different craft beers with something for everyone. Comes with premium branded glassware!

Staff Highlights: Angora 6.5% DDH IPA - Tasting Notes: A juicy double dry-hopped IPA with, smooth body and hop aromas of stone fruit, marmalade and pine.

A Different World 5.4% No Coast IPA - Tasting Notes: Aromas of lemon and marmalade are complemented by pithy balance bitterness.

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10 Cans of Salt Beer Factory Craft Beer, 3 Cans of Bier Nuts & Premium Salt Glassware

Salt Craft Beer

  • 1x Citra 4.2% NEIPA Jnr (440ml)
  • 1x Angora 6.5% DDH IPA (440ml)
  • 1x A Different World 5.4% No Coast IPA (440ml)
  • 1x Vic Secret 4.9% Vermont Session IPA (440ml)
  • 1x MC Helles 5.2% Helles Lager (440ml)
  • 2x Alpaca 6.6% DDH IPA (330ml)
  • 1x Huckaback 5.5% NEIPA (330ml)
  • 1x Jute 4.2% Session IPA (330ml)
  • 1x Hex 4% Unfiltered Helles (330ml)
  • 1x Premium Salt Beer Factory Glass

Bier Nuts

  • 1x Classic
  • 1x Jalapeno
  • 1x Masala Curry

    20 Cans of Salt Beer Factory Craft Beer, 6 Cans of Bier Nuts & Premium Salt Glassware

    Salt Craft Beer

    • 2x Citra 4.2% NEIPA Jnr (440ml)
    • 2x Angora 6.5% DDH IPA (440ml)
    • 2x A Different World 5.4% No Coast IPA (440ml)
    • 2x Vic Secret 4.9% Vermont Session IPA (440ml)
    • 2x MC Helles 5.2% Helles Lager (440ml)
    • 4x Alpaca 6.6% DDH IPA (330ml)
    • 2x Huckaback 5.5% NEIPA (330ml)
    • 2x Jute 4.2% Session IPA (330ml)
    • 2x Hex 4% Unfiltered Helles (330ml)
      • 1x Premium Salt Beer Factory Glass

      Bier Nuts

      • 2x Classic
      • 2x Jalapeno
      • 2x Masala Curry