Gipsy Hill Special Edition Craft Beer Box V3

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The NEW Limited Edition Bier Nuts x Gipsy Hill Craft Beer Box V3 Has Landed!

As you know, our friends over at Gipsy Hill, south of the river from us, brew some exquisite beer... So we have created a stunning new pack for you featuring 4 of their specials range detailed below released yesterday, our favourite 5 from their core range, and premium Gipsy Hill glassware. Limited availability.....

Staff Highlights: Whirligig 8% DIPA - Tasting Notes: Whirligig is a Double IPA. Gipsy Hill rolled out a fresh pitch of their favourite Kveik Voss yeast to pump out some big, thick & sticky esters, then paired those with Simcoe and Mosaic hops to maximise that tropical, piney goodness. It’s a tall glass of hop saturation and sweetness…and wildly drinkable.

Straphanger 6% New England IPA - Tasting Notes: It’s a classic Gipsy Hill NEIPA. Hazy, juicy with big tropical aromas. Hopped with Meridian and El Dorado punching out some overripe stone fruits.

Urbanist 7.2% Imperial Fruited Sour - Tasting Notes: This sour is jammed full of Honeyberries, Raspberries and Blackberries. Soured on our house lacto strain, it’s mouth-wateringly tart with a sweet kick.

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10 Cans of Gipsy Hill Craft Beer, 3 Cans of Bier Nuts & Premium Gipsy Hill Glassware

Gipsy Hill Craft Beer

  • 1x Whirligig - 8.5% DIPA (440ml)
  • 1x Straphanger - 6% New England IPA (440ml)
  • 1x Sandhog - 6% West Coast IPA (440ml)
  • 1x Urbanist - 7.2% Imperial Fruited Sour (440ml)
  • 2x Hepcat 4.6% Session IPA (330ml)
  • 1x Baller 5.4% IPA (330ml)
  • 1x Ranger 4.2% Pale Ale (330ml)
  • 1x Hunter 4.8% Helles Lager (330ml)
  • 1x Bandit 3.8% Pale Ale (330ml)
  • 1x Premium Gipsy Hill Glass

Bier Nuts

  • 1x Classic
  • 1x Jalapeno
  • 1x Masala Curry

    20 Cans of Gipsy Hill Craft Beer, 6 Cans of Bier Nuts & Premium Gipsy Hill Glassware

    Gipsy Hill Craft Beer

    • 2x Whirligig - 8.5% DIPA (440ml)
    • 2x Straphanger - 6% New England IPA (440ml)
    • 2x Sandhog - 6% West Coast IPA (440ml)
    • 2x Urbanist - 7.2% Imperial Fruited Sour (440ml)
    • 4x Hepcat 4.6% Session IPA (330ml)
    • 2x Baller 5.4% IPA (330ml)
    • 2x Ranger 4.2% Pale Ale (330ml)
    • 2x Hunter 4.8% Helles Lager (330ml)
    • 2x Bandit 3.8% Pale Ale (330ml)
      • 1x Premium Gipsy Hill Glass

      Bier Nuts

      • 2x Classic
      • 2x Jalapeno
      • 2x Masala Curry